Is There a Best Bible Translation?

What is the best Bible translation? Does it really matter? Or is one just as good as another? Is it just a matter of personal preference?

There are so many Bible translations out there. How do you choose the right one?

I actually have several different translations. I have a King James Version, New King James Version, an NIV Study Bible and a Bible app on my phone where I can access a myriad of different translations.

Most recently, I discovered a new translation that I absolutely love. It is the Modern English Version (MEV). It is the most modern Bible printed in the last 30 years and combines the beauty of the King James Version with modern day language.

More important than that, however, is the fact that I have recently discovered that many translations actually have whole scripture verses missing that were originally in the King James Version and the original text.

When I found out that whole verses were missing from the NIV and other translations, I was very upset. I had no idea this had happened. I love the NIV Bible but when I found out about these missing Scriptures, I had to do some research for myself and I came across the MEV or Modern English Version.

(You can click HERE for a list of theScripture’s not in the NIV and other modern translations.)


The MEV Bible is a literal (Word-for-Word) translation using the KJV of the Bible as the base manuscript and with references to God capitalized.

According to, “the intent was to translate historical facts and events without distortion while translating in a way that readers of all backgrounds may understand the message that the original authors were communicating to the original audience. Every effort was made to ensure that no cultural or theological agenda was allowed to distort the translation. The goal was to translate Scripture accurately without loss, change, compromise, embellishments, or distortions of the meaning of the original text.”

My two favorite MEV Bibles are the SpiritLed Woman’s Bible & the Spiritual Warfare Bible. Both are excellent and have different features that really help in studying the Bible.

The SpiritLed Woman’s Bible is designed for the woman who really wants to know God more deeply and to fulfill the plan God has for her life.

This Bible is easy to read and I especially love the prayers at the beginning of each book and inspirational stories about other Women of faith.


  • 40 teaching articles from well-respected Christian leaders
  • 65+ profiles of biblical women and other heroines of the faith who have inspired others and made an impact for the kingdom of God
  • 400+ daily inspirational thoughts and prayers that affirm you as a woman of God and connect you to the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Cross-references, concordance, and eight full-color maps

I highly recommend the SpiritLed Woman’s Bible. I love the inspirational thoughts and prayers and especially the profiles of the different women.

You can get it in Imitation (Leatherlike) lavender at Amazon for only $34.43 right now. The regular price is $64.99 at the time I wrote this article.

There is also a hardback, casebound version at Amazon for only $21.99

The MEV Spiritual Warfare Bible is also a great Bible. The way the Bible is setup really helps you more deeply understand God’s Word.

The powerful inserts from anointed prayer intercessors are great tools for learning how to pray more effectively.

This Bible is designed to help you use God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to stand strong against Satan and break down demonic strongholds in your life.


  • More than 250 spiritual warfare declarations and prayers
  • More than 200 tips for effective spiritual warfare
  • Lessons From God’s Warriors—Character profiles from the Old and New Testament
  • Articles and interactive study features—Deeper teaching and applications on spiritual warfare

Learning how to pray and how to overcome the power of the enemy in my life has been huge and this Bible has really helped me in my walk with Jesus Christ.

You can get the Spiritual Warfare Bible on Amazon for only $40.59 right now when the regular price is $64.99 at the time I am writing this.

It has a soft, leatherlike cover. There is a lot to learn from this Bible

Whether you currently have a Bible right now or not, I highly encourage you to get one of these Bibles. It’s so important to have an accurate translation of Scripture that you can understand and either one of these Bibles will really help you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Blessing in the name of Jesus,


2 thoughts on “Is There a Best Bible Translation?

  1. Great post, and you certainly give the reader something to think about. Since I am technically now a senior citizen at the ripe old age of 62, I have seen my share of Bible translations come and go. I started out 40 years ago reading the KJV, and it remains my favorite to this day.

    I do however use many versions, particularly the NKJV, HCSB, and more recently the ESV which is really growing on me. There are also versions that I would not recommend, however I think the most important thing is no matter the version, read it!


    1. Absolutely right. No matter which version you have, just read it. I still use NIV and KJV but am using the MEV more and more because it isn’t missing any of the scripture verses and I think it still has a lot of the beauty of the KJV also just easier to understand. Thanks for the great comment.


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