About Me

My name is Patricia and the reason I started BoldlySteppingUp.com is to support others in their journey of faith, health and following their dreams. I want to be all that God has created me to be and that journey starts with being healthy, understanding who God says I am, and stepping out boldly in faith into all He has called me to be no matter what circumstances may look like. We all have something we struggle with, whether it be our weight, our finances, our health, or something else. However, the most important thing that God has shown me, is how very much he loves me. He never gives up on any of us.

I hope to share many of the lessons that God has shown me throughout the years and I pray that they will be a blessing to you. I want to encourage you in your walk with God.

Growing Up
I grew up in the Seattle area, the oldest of three children. I went to college right out of high school thinking I had my life all planned out. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. After I graduated with my degree in Criminal Justice, that all changed. I was always very shy and didn’t have a lot of confidence. I spent most of my life trying to overcome my lack of confidence. I know that there are many people out there, that have the same struggles.

Beginning of Ministry 
A few years after I graduated, I joined a ministry called Covenant Players. It is a Christian repertory theater that performs a combination of short one-act plays based on a theme for prisons, churches, schools, nursing homes and more. It was a life changing experience in that I began to develop some confidence in myself and be able to share the Gospel through drama with people all over the United States and Canada. I did this for three years and I could (and maybe will) write a book about all the crazy adventures I had and how God saved us from many mishaps and used us in our performances.

In September 2008, I met my wonderful husband, John, when going in for a job interview. I had been unemployed for 4 months and was just looking for a job. I had given up on ever meeting my “soul mate”. I had never been married and had had very few dates. I had begun to think that perhaps God wanted me to be single. In April 2002, a friend of mine told me that “God had heard my prayers for a Godly husband.” It took six years to meet him, but God was faithful to his Word. Even though I had forgotten about it. Needless to say, I got the job. John was my immediate supervisor and to make a long story short, he proposed after knowing me for only three weeks. We were married in May 2009.

Concluding Thoughts
I am now blessed to live on the beautiful Gulf Coast with my husband, John. We are focusing on following our dreams and stepping into all that God has called us to be. In order to do that, we have to be healthy and boldly step up in faith, trusting that God will do all that He said he will do.