Inspirational Poems

I love to write inspirational poems. It is one of the ways that God speaks to me. It helps me to quiet my racing thoughts and let him speak through me. I hope you will enjoy these original inspirational poems.

The First two inspirational poems I will share with you are dedicated to my Grandma Dorothy who just passed away last year and my Grandpa Everett who passed away back in 1998. They were amazing Christians and I thank God for them and their witness to me over the years.

Grandma Dorothy
A light to all who knew her.
The light of Jesus in her eyes.
Warm, inviting, filled with joy.
Others first, always
Never doing anything for herself.
Filled with creativity-
Quilts, dolls, warm comforting food
Scrabble games and Yahtzee
Missed so much by all who knew her,
Loved by all
What will we do without her?
A great loss for this world,
But a great gain for heaven.
With Grandpa Everett now
No more pills
No more pain
Free to run and dance with Grandpa
Jesus welcoming her into heaven
With his open embrace.
“Well done, my good and faithful servant.
It is finished.”
Can’t wait to see you again in God’s Kingdom.
I love you, Grandma.

Grandpa Everett

I can’t remember a time
When you weren’t there.
Your laughing, smiling face
And your kindly, gentle eyes
Your gray hair and your hearing aids-
Which you didn’t always wear.
I remember hugs and kisses
And I remember your joy.
I remember a dollhouse you made
With your strong, caring hands
And I remember a fish you caught,
Almost as big as you.
I remember you picking fights
Just to get a reaction
And I remember you getting frisky,
In the kitchen, with grandma.
I remember the worry you caused her
By trying to fix the roof
And I remember almost losing you
Many years before.
Mostly, I remember your love,
Your positive outlook, and your strength.
You blessed my life so much,
I can hardly believe you’re gone.
But, the time for tears is past,
I know where you abide.
You’re with the Master up in heaven
Rejoicing for all eternity.
I hope the following inspirational poems help you hear God better, trust him more and deepen your faith in him. 


Why did I die
Before I had the chance to live?
Why didn’t you want me?
Did I do something wrong?
Why didn’t I get the chance
To see the mountains,
To play in the ocean,
Or feel the wind on my face?
To taste chocolate or 
To know what it is to love?
To make angels in the snow
Or smell the fresh mountain air?
Who was I supposed to be?
A doctor who finds the cure for cancer?
A musician who blesses others with her music?
A police officer who saves someone’s life?
A mother?
A wife?
I’ll never know-
I never got the chance to live.


Whispers in the night
The whistling of the wind
A silent nudge
Instinct, perhaps an inkling
Go this way, not that
A dream maybe?
The sound of a bubbling brook,
The rushing of a river 
Or the roar of the ocean
Can you hear it?
What is it?
Listen closely-
You don’t want to miss it.
It’s God.
He’s calling you.
Answering you.
Longing for you to listen.
What’s he saying?
I know! I can hear him!
He said, “I love you.”


In life there are trials,
But He’ll see us through
Each one is a chance
To learn something new.
To discover of what
You are made
And in whom you will
Place your faith.
Will you give up?
Will you give in?
Or, will you trust God
Who will help you win?
The journey is more important
Than reaching the goal
It’s where you learn who you are
And reconcile your own soul.
It won’t be easy.
But it is worthwhile
To trust that God
Will see you through this trial.


Rejoice in the Lord
No matter what this life brings.
All is temporary.
Nothing lasts
Except the One
Who made all.
Hurt, pain, sorrow
Will all disappear.
Eternal joy and peace
To follow-
If you know Him-
Jesus- the Word
Who became flesh.
The Word before time began
Death is but a
Tearing away of spirit
From the body-
Which is but a costume,
Housing our true selves.
Our spirit to reside
With His Spirit in
Unending, eternal Paradise.



Your love is overwhelming
Like a cup
That runneth over
Your joy overflowing
Like a waterfall
There is no room
To contain it.
A thankful heart
For Your grace,
Mercy and Your touch.
Flow through me
Anoint me
Into your service
Spilling over to others
Healing hearts
Healing souls
Healing bodies.
Draw them into
Your wide embrace-
There’s room for all
To walk the
Narrow way.
I will be your witness
I will go-
May your love, joy,
Peace and healing
Spill over
To draw others
Into Your eternal kingdom-
My all in all-
I know that writing is one way that God communicates with me. It all started with writing inspirational poems and has blossomed from there. I have only put a few up here, I have many more that I will be posting here.  I hope that they serve to encourage you daily. So far,